Welcome to the FAN CLUBS section (PLEASE READ THIS FIRST!)

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Welcome to the FAN CLUBS section (PLEASE READ THIS FIRST!)

Post by Haro on Tue Mar 12, 2013 5:53 am

Welcome to the FAN CLUBS section, where you and your fellow members can come together and make fan clubs based on your otaku interests!

[size=130]WHAT IS A FAN CLUB?[/size]

FAN CLUBS are special groups created by members that cater to specific interests, like a certain anime character or a certain anime series, where they can organize events, create activities and bond with their fellow fans!

How do I join a fan club?/Pano sumali sa isang fan club?

You must have more than 30 posts to join fan clubs. To join a fan club, simply go to the thread of the club you want to join, and state your intent in their thread. Take note that there may be some clubs that have certain requirements (like a test or a questionnaire) that have to be met before you're welcomed, so be sure to follow their rules para makapasok ka! To prevent users from joining fan clubs willy-nilly, a member can only join a maximum of FIVE (5) clubs.

How do I create a fan club?/Pano gumawa ng fan club?

To create a fan club, simply go to the FAN CLUB APPLICATION/RECRUITMENT subforum and create your fan club thread there. Write a short description on what your fan club is about, and what its objectives are. Keep in mind that the mods reserve the right to close fan clubs that seem to be created just for the sake of making a club!

Bakit ko kailangan ilagay sa FAN CLUB APPLICATION/RECRUITMENT ang bagong fan club ko?

We require any new club to be placed in FAN CLUB APPLICATION/RECRUITMENT because only official/recognized fan clubs are allowed in the main FAN CLUBS section. Para maging official, you just need the following:

1. A satisfactory description on what your fan club is about on your club thread's FIRST POST.
2. FIVE (5) starting members. A club with just 2 members doesn't count.
3. A list of the members on the first page, with the CLUB PRESIDENT and the CLUB VICE PRESIDENT properly labeled.

Pag meron ka na nito lahat, ilalagay na ang club mo sa FAN CLUBS section and will be included in the Fan Club Rankings if you wish.

The mods reserve the right to delete beginning fan clubs that are not attracting members, or is not being managed by the thread starter.

Who can create a fan club?/Sino ang pwede gumawa ng fan club?

Any member with more than 60 posts is allowed to make a fan club. A member who creates a fan club is the club's PRESIDENT. A member can be the president of a maximum of TWO (2) clubs, pero keep in mind that the President is also a Member of his/her fan club so kasama sya sa Five Club Limit (meaning you can't be President of two clubs and be a member of 5 more clubs kasi 7 na ang clubs mo! But you can be a member of five clubs, with two of those clubs under your leadership.)

Mods and admins cannot create fan clubs after these rules take effect, though!

Nagawa ko na ang club ko. Marami na ko members at may club president and VP na kami. What now?

Naku, kung tinatanong nyo yan, bakit kayo gumawa ng fan club? XD Like real-life fan clubs, pwede kayo gumawa ng mga activities nyo inside your fan club! You can hold contests, make group activities, do EBs and the like...as long as active ang club nyo, okay lahat!

How many members can a club have?/Ilang miyembro ang pwede sumali sa isang fan club?

For the sake of fairness, right now a single fan club can only have a maximum of 30 members. Hindi na pwede magpasali ang isang club when they have reached the maximum amount of members, to give chance for other, smaller-sized clubs to be noticed. When ALL fan clubs have reached their 30 member quota, the limit will be increased.

How do I un-join a fan club?/Pano tumiwalag sa isang fan club?

Kung gusto mo tumiwalag sa isang club, simply post your intention to leave sa club na member ka. The President or VP will then update me (via PM) kung sinong member ang umalis sa club. A member who left a fan club must wait at least ONE WEEK before joining another club (if they are members of less than five clubs)

How many active clubs are allowed sa FAN CLUBS? Ilang active na fan club ang pwede sa Fan Clubs section?

Para maiwasan ang pagdami at pagdami ng bagong fan club pero kokonti lang na active sa mga ito, the FAN CLUBS section can have a maximum of 25 active fan clubs at any given time. Pag puno ang FAN CLUBS section, bawal muna gumawa ng bagong FC sa FAN CLUB APPLICATION/RECRUITMENT, at least until magkaron ng libreng spot sa FAN CLUBS section.

What happens to inactive clubs, then?/Anong mangyayari sa mga hindi na aktibong club?

As much as we don't like to, inactive threads in the FAN CLUBS section will be closed, their president and vice president notified until they can become active again. A club is considered inactive if there has been THREE MONTHS of no fan club activity (meaning walang group activity within the fan club, at naging parang chat thread na lang ang FC nila)

Take note that we'll only otaku-related interests to be made fan clubs of (we are an anime forum after all) in this section, and like the rest of the forum, the HNO FORUM POSTING GUIDELINES apply here as well (meaning no spamming, and no making of fan clubs of ecchi/hentai anime/anime characters >_<).

While we won't disallow anyone from making fan clubs left and right (for now), we would humbly request everyone to please make fan clubs with a purpose, and not just for the sake of creating a club/shrine. Smile Make activities for your group, do EBs or contests, basta we would like fan clubs/shrines here to be as active and worthwhile as possible. The mods will see to it that only the most productive and fun clubs stay in the Fan Clubs Section. Smile
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