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Fun & Games Forum Rules

Post by Haro on Tue Mar 12, 2013 5:35 am

Welcome to the FUN and GAMES Forum!. Here you can sit back, relax and play forum games with your fellow members without having to disrupt normal discussions in the other forums.

Of course, just because your post counts don't count here doesn't mean that you should use this forum to spam and spam and spam and spam. Da Rules still apply here, like everywhere else in the forums, so you still need to be courteous, respectful, and not post just for the sake of having a post. Smile

Speaking of which, let me give you an example of games that are not allowed and will be closed for gaming:

-One, Two, Three word/story/picture games
-Rate the sig/avatar/user/etc. above you" games
-Counting games (Example: first poster: 1, second poster: 2, and so on.)
-random Vending Machine games

and any game deemed too random by the mods. Let's see you make EXCITING and THOUGHTFUL games guys!

And here are a list of ideas for GOOD games we want to see you make sa Fun and Games:

-Trivia games (Mapa anime, general, music atbp. Panghasa ng utak!)
-IQ/Logic games
-ABC Games (With accompanying theme. Example: Ang theme ay fruits, first poster says A=Apple and the next poster can post a fruit that begins with B, and so on!)
-Vending Machine Games with accompanying theme, or a combination of themes! (Who wouldn't want to use a Saiyan Pokemon vending machine to see what comes out?!)
-Survivor Games (a classic!)
-and any other game that requires a little bit more thought in answering!

The games are only limited by your imagination, so let's all make this forum a fun place to be!
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