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WIXOSS series

Post by enigmator on Sun Oct 12, 2014 12:39 pm

In this world, WIXOSS is a ridiculously popular trading card game that caters to teenage girls where they fight each other with avatars called LRIGs. Ruko, a lonely girl who lives with her grandmother, is given a WIXOSS deck by her older brother. She then discovers that her LRIG (named Tama) can speak and she learns that she was chosen to be a "Selector", who is destined to fight other Selectors for the privilege of becoming an "Eternal Girl" to make her wishes come true.

The first season, selector infected WIXOSS, aired last Spring 2014 season and the second season, selector spread WIXOSS, is currently airing.


my thoughts on the entire thing so far:
For a story meant to advertise a TCG, I won't mince words and say that this story is rather miserable. In fact, this was (is?) being compared to Madoka Magica since both shows are similarly dark, not to mention that both stories involve distorting the wishes of young girls. So yes. This contains plenty of suffering to sink your teeth into if you're into that sort of thing.

my thoughts on the second season:
second season:
I am so glad that this season came back to directly address Ruko's denial issues, which it somehow evaded in the first series.

Ruko was established as a power hungry battle freak in the same vein as Iona early in the first season. Unfortunately, this kind of pleasure was something unacceptable, knowing the tragic fate of those who lose their Selector battles. As a result, this contrast between her essential nature and her moral standards caused her much guilt, but she was able to contain this guilt mostly through her friendship with Hitoe and Yuzuki.

With the disappearance of Tama, this season begins with Iona ripping apart this escape by giving Ruko a legitimate reason to fight, forcing her to confront battle-crazy self in the process. I would love to see how Ruko's character here turns out from here.
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Re: WIXOSS series

Post by hikaru_yamato on Thu Oct 23, 2014 8:01 pm

I was disappointed with the turnout from season 1 and I've been having second thoughts whether I should try this sequel. Ruko seems to be carrying the series on her shoulders and hopefully she steps up this time.
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