Kotobukiya model kits thread

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Kotobukiya model kits thread

Post by setsuna15 on Thu Oct 09, 2014 6:43 am

I don't know if someone collecting kotobukiya model kits. maybe some of us including myself.

Btws, this topic is more about kotobukiya brand model kits, they do some model kits from other mecha series except gundam series (because gundam is from bandai). The plastic quality is also not bad, like bandai quality but not like cheap plastic (eg, tt hongli, bendi etc)

here are the following:

non-scale kits - it's like half 1/144, half 1/100 compare to a HGs, NGs from bandai. more on SRW:OG, muv luv series, armored core, etc.
D-style - a SD version model kits from random mecha anime series. But this is almost similar as bandai's bb senshi line
High-end Master Model - they are 1/72 scale, but it focus more on zoids and z-knight series. It like a master grade version when comes to quality, and details.
1/144 scale - this is similar as bandai's HG 1/144 scale when comes to articulation, size and details. But few 1/144 scale (like dygenguar and cybuster) model kits are larger like PG 1/60s because they are super robots. It only focus on muv luv series.
Frame Arms series - i think this is more on kotobukiya's original mecha. no anime and manga in this seris though. They include with pre-assembled inner frame, but of course you need to assemble some of the parts to the pre-assembled inner frame like armor, weapons, etc.

i only have 3 kotobukiya 1/144 kits but more on muv-luv alternative: total eclipse anime series.

share your collection more kotobukiya model kits...
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