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HnO Forum Rules & Regulations

Post by Haro on Tue Mar 12, 2013 1:21 am

Hi! Welcome to the HANGYAKU NO OTAKU V2 FORUMS, the online community for rabid otakus and anime fans in Philippines and all over the universe! Our goal is to foster a community where people from all walks of life can talk about their love for anime and have fun doing it!

Below are the general guidelines of the forum, which was developed to make these forums a pleasant experience for everyone. Please read them along with our Terms of Service para di tayo magkaproblema in the future. Also, keep in mind that these rules may change from time to time, so please check this thread frequently for any rule update that may take place.

Basically it all boils down to one word: R-E-S-P-E-C-T. If you respect the forums, respect your fellow members, and respect yourself, you’ll have a much better time in our forums. It’s that simple. With that, read on.

[size=150]RESPECT THE FORUMS[/size]

1. Moderators and admins of the HNO Forums are comprised of volunteers who are dedicated to the art that is anime and HNO. Their primary purpose is to make sure the rules of the forum are enforced. They moderate discussions and steer them back on topic, and they can reprimand violators and hand out warnings to those concerned. With that said, please do not take it personally if a mod or admin gives you a warning, since ginagawa lang nila ang kanilang tungkulin. If you have a problem with a mod or admin, settle it like civilized people and discuss it with them via PM.

2. Off topic, spamming and other disruptive behavior is not allowed. We encourage active and lively posts to preserve the quality of discussions sa forum na ito, so please avoid posting one liners, off topic posting, making topics out of boredom, and other disruptive behavior na nakakagulo sa normal na discussion sa mga boards.

A word on double posting: If you were the last person to post on a thread, and you posted immediately after your last post, that is called double-posting. Oftentimes in the past users do it to pad post counts, so we would humbly request that if you have something to add to your last post, please use the EDIT function instead. If you really can't help yourself, please wait at least ONE (1) HOUR before posting again, at sana yung post na yun ay may kabuluhan at di pandagdag lang.

A word on 'bumping: Posts are displayed on the forums chronologically from the time of the last reply to that thread. If you've posted a thread and nobody has posted in it, it will gradually "sink down" from the first page. The act of bringing a post that's been idle for a period of time back to the top of the list is called 'bumping". While we do not frown upon bumping threads, we would appreciate it if you bump threads only when you have something new to add to the discussion, and not just to say "I agree/Okay to!/or anything else that doesn't add anything new to the topic discussed.

A word on spamming: Spamming can mean two things in this forum: One is the act of posting multiple threads/posts with either one or two lines or words which add nothing to the conversation except to increase post counts. The other is a specific type of post, like the examples below

A post with 2 or less words
A post with only smilies
A post with no explanation of why or why not you like/do/want/etc. something.
A post with no relevance to the subject
A post which is illegible
A post that makes no sense (like a post with only question marks or exclamation posts, or a post with nothing but a link to a site/video)
A post only stating that the previous poster is spamming
A post repeated in same thread
A post repeated in other threads(cross-posting)
A post with links to websites or services, not relevant to the topic
A post for no apparent reason, other than increase post count
A new thread, identical to what someone else have already started in that forum
A new thread, without a proper subject description
a new thread, without a proper or coherent introduction (like a topic about a certain show having only a wikipedia entry as a first post)

3. Please avoid posting in txtspk or aLtErNaTeCaPs. This isn't so much of a hard rule as it is a guideline talaga. Basically, try to write legibly and avoid txtspeak in respect to the people na di marunong magbasa nito or mga mahina ang mata. Libre po ang vowels kaya wag po tayo magalit sa kanila. Smile

Same goes with wRiTiNg iN AlteRnAtE CaPs, lalo lang pag CmBined xA wd txtSpK 2 f0Rm tEh UlTm8 p0$t pUohh dVahh. Alalahanin na di lahat ng member natutuwa basahin ang mga post na ganito, and para sa mga mahina ang mata hindi sya lalo naiintindihan. Let's learn to write properly para maintindihan tayo ng mas maraming tao. Smile Matuto tayo magpost ng maayos.

4. Inappropriate posts are not allowed. The HNO FORUM is more or less a general patronage forum, so all posts must be work safe and kid-friendly. With that said, please do not post profanity, nudity, smexually explicit or gory posts and pictures, vulgar, insulting and/or threatening language, promoting and/or encouraging war or violence of any kind, and posting, requesting, and/or sharing material that is considered obscene, graphic and the like.

5. Pictures/avatars/signatures:

-The total size of all the combined images in your signature is limited to 500 pixels (length) x 200 pixels (height), and 150KB (animated or not). Pwede rin na text lang ang nasa signature, pero up to seven (7) lines and in standard size only.
-The maximum size of avatars is 150 x 150 pixels and 80KB (animated or not)
-You can only have an animated signature OR an animated avatar, not both.

-You can put pictures in posts, provided that only TWO (2) pics can be used on a single post, and the maximum file size of each picture is 200kb, and the maximum dimensions of 640x480 pixels. If you can't do that, pakilagay na lang sa link ang pictures, or you can use the THUMBNAIL bbcode to put up a maximum of 5 thumbnails in each post.

-Forbidden materials for signatures and pictures are: porn images (mapaecchi man o hentai), smexually explicit comments, erotic images, bashing of any religion, violence and/or discriminatory remarks.

6. Illegal Downloads/Solicitation/Advertising/Piracy: Please do not post links to or instructions on how to obtain illegal downloads of anything (including music, anime episodes, gaming ROMS and emulators, and scanned manga). Selling and promoting products, website urls, etc. (legal or otherwise) is not allowed. However, short clips (as in hindi complete or buo) of any anime series and other related materials (like amateur music videos using clips from anime) are allowed.

This is just to avoid getting involved in legal actions that would include our boards, the hosting site and the member who posted them as the main solicitor.)

As a final note: The moderating team reserves the right to remove any content (posts, images, avatars, signatures, etc) they deem inappropriate or would violate the rules stated above at their discretion.


7. Bashing: Please do not bash your fellow members, companies or characters. Medyo maraming pwedeng iconsider na bashing, pero basically any post that is extremely negative without giving any reasons why ay considered bashing. This does not mean that you are not allowed to have your own opinions, only that you have to be mindful of how you say it. If you don’t like something, you can say so. If you even don’t like HNO, you can say so, but do it in such a way that doesn’t mindlessly lash out at the subject you don’t like. Bigyan namin kayo ng example:

Bashing: “Pangit ni Naruto…b0bo lahat ng nanonood sa walang kwentang anime na yan.”

Not bashing: “Hindi ko gusto si Naruto…medyo overused na ang ‘lampang-bida-na-may-natatagong-lakas’ na type of characters.”

8. Do not flame or troll your fellow members. Flaming is basically posting hurtful remarks with the purpose of making other members feel upset and/or angry. Trolling is posting with the purpose of provoking people to respond with flames. Flaming/trolling via PM counts.

[size=150]RESPECT YOURSELF[/size]

9. Do not swear/use vulgar language (Tagalog or otherwise). Swearing does not add anything to discussions. Also, this is more or less a General patronage forum, so please be considerate to the minors here. Trying to get around the swear filter (by using asterisks, i.e., d*mn or h*ll) will not be tolerated and will likely get you a stern warning, so be careful.

10. Multiple accounts are not allowed. You only need ONE account to log in to our forums, so please choose one and drop one and we’ll take care of the rest. Change of username is now allowed only ONCE and the forumer must submit a PM (private message) to g-dawg stating his/her reason of the change of username and the EXACT FORMAT of the new username.

11. Do not give out personal information in the forums! Personal information such as your contact information (cellular phone numbers, IM (instant messaging), landline numbers, etc.) has no place in the forums. HnO will not liable for any untoward incidents such as vulgar, profane or threatening messages resulting in posting your contact information. Be responsible enough to give consent only to those you really trust…or use the PM (private messaging) if you really trust in whom to give it to.

12. Don’t ‘impersonate’ staff members. Please try to avoid scolding your fellow members when they do something wrong, or telling them “what to do”. You won’t get respect that way, at baka mauwi pa sa away. Please allow the HTVF staff to do their jobs. You can, however, feel free to only politely suggest or inform a member when he/she has done something wrong, or you can just use the Report button so the staff can take action.

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