Fan Art Reminders!

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Fan Art Reminders!

Post by Thousand Mistress on Wed Oct 08, 2014 3:59 pm

Hello! MOEderator here speaking!

Okay so since I haven't kept a template of the rules about SOTW I'll leave that off for next time, and instead focus on the posting of fanart rules and regulations, since they are separate from the actual forum R&R. Please read along before you make a topic about your collection of masterpieces!

I'll make a separate post for the actual SOTW, I just have to find that template (which I remember is kept by one of the admins I'm not sure).

1. Always source your images/fanworks/fanarts.
We don't want to hotlink stuff, and this is the most important rule of all rules when it comes to doing your stuff. When you create wallpapers, renders, coloring, signature or any art-related shenanigans, make sure to put in the right link/URL of the image, or link your site/image site (and make it public) so we will be able to know that it is really your work. This is a strictly-followed rule for SOTW as well, including the raw image used for the sig, it has to be sourced as well.

2. Follow the instructions on the image section of the Forum R&R.
We couldn't risk slowing the bandwidth of the forum, so we suggest that the total of images per post is 2. Maximum file size of each picture is 200kb, and maximum dimensions of 640x480px. You can also thumbnail those images if you want to post more than 2. If you don't do so, we will be forced to edit your post without warning. Of course, we do not allow images that contain violence, pornographic/explicit contents of any kind, erotic images, images that contain religion/bashing religion, and other degrading images.

3. Don't be shy to show off your talents!
Everyone has their own share of abilities, even when doing fun art stuff. When you can do creative signatures, don't be shy to show them off and ask for opinions! We are welcome to share our thoughts regarding your work, and it would be a benefit for everyone if we share knowledge. Don't be afraid to take criticisms; it is one way of helping you improve even more.

4. All comments and criticisms are welcome as long as they are not making the creator feel bad about themselves.
You see, I myself have encountered these kinds of happenings, and one happened recently last month with one of the most anticipated artists online. After being criticized wrongly, that very artist was forced to leave. We do not want that kind of thing to happen do we? So please be careful on how you criticize each other's works, and we'll all be at peace. That's very easy to understand so I won't explain myself further!

5. Respect each and every artist.
All of us have our own styles and imaginations, some have broad and some have vivid ones. And those imaginations/styles is what makes art truly fabulous and interesting. This is why we also ask you to respect the work of other people and not judge them for what they created. If they make something that is based from their feelings, their personal emotions, let's appreciate them all the way!

and last but not the least...

6. Have fun!
SOTW is not just the only contest here in this part of the forum. There's also a Banner Contest, Wallpaper and Avatar Design Contests. All of these contests are spearheaded by one of the MOEderators and admins, and everyone can join of course! And with those contests, it is why we develop the Fan Art Thread as much as we want with more and more artworks by people like you. Don't be pressured, express yourself, enjoy your work! Don't let any obstacles get in the way of your artistic spirit. Just be who you are! That's what true art is!


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